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Photoshop or Not

Pho٠to٠shop - noun or verb?
Today Photoshop has become more than just a term to describe a program for editing photos. It has become a term for describing whether or not a photo has been manipulated to change the appearance from its original state. People frequently use the term "Photoshopped" in this way.

My name is Rob Resnick. I currently work as a Photoshop Artist at Image Studios, a commercial photography studio in Appleton, Wisconsin. In my spare time I enjoy photography, art and the outdoors. My job as a Photoshop artist has given me a new perspective in regards to images that we see nowadays. The line between reality and manipulation is getting harder to determine just by viewing a photo. I have created this blog in attempts to illustrate what can be accomplished with the use of Photoshop.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I really enjoy photographing winter scenes. It's a time of the year when everything is quiet and still, a time when the tourists have gone and all that is left is you and the canvas before you.

The image below, "Luminary Exhibition", was one of those scenes captured on a frozen winter morning. With temperatures below zero I set out to photograph a scene that I had captured years earlier using film. Now with the age of digital photography, I was able to capture it in ways I was unable to previously. By bracketing the scene using multiple exposures, I was able to shoot directly into the sun and combine those exposures using a program called Photomatix. This technique is often referred to as HDR "High Dynamic Range". The result is an image that represents a wide range of detail in the shadows and highlights of an image, giving it that painterly look. The best part of it, is seeing the result once those exposures have been blended together, adding a whole new dimension to photography.