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Photoshop or Not

Pho٠to٠shop - noun or verb?
Today Photoshop has become more than just a term to describe a program for editing photos. It has become a term for describing whether or not a photo has been manipulated to change the appearance from its original state. People frequently use the term "Photoshopped" in this way.

My name is Rob Resnick. I currently work as a Photoshop Artist at Image Studios, a commercial photography studio in Appleton, Wisconsin. In my spare time I enjoy photography, art and the outdoors. My job as a Photoshop artist has given me a new perspective in regards to images that we see nowadays. The line between reality and manipulation is getting harder to determine just by viewing a photo. I have created this blog in attempts to illustrate what can be accomplished with the use of Photoshop.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Barbicide Photo Shoot

Challenges often are a step toward personal growth. If we look back in life it is easy to see how much we have developed when faced with challenges. This image was a challenge for our photographer and for me as a Photoshop artist. The goal was to make this model appear as if she was underwater. The end result is quite convincing but took many steps to get there, from setting up the shot to layering all the pieces of the puzzle together. The shot eventually ended up being used on the website for Barbicide and in the process I learned new blending techniques which have lead to the discovery of new and interesting ways to apply these. What seemed to be a real challenge actually was an opportunity for growth. The next time you are faced with what seems to be a difficult situation, remember that in the end you will come out the better for it.